About Us

Over 2 years ago I setup 4bangR

I did this as I’ve always found that unless you know what you are doing, importing car parts from Japan can be a minefield involving bidding, deposits, Yen, import charges etc… and also slow waiting times.

We take all of the hassle out of doing this for you, keeping you informed with photographs and ensuring you receive your items safely using fully tracked and insured shipping methods (usually FedEx if cost-effective shipping is within 2 weeks)

Please note we are now unable to ship coilovers and oil related items via FedEx due to stricter regulations which are now enforced in Japan. We can however import them via Sea freight (see below), which is a longer delivery time, (usually around 6 weeks) it is also a less expensive shipping method.

As well as our import car parts services we make great clothing designs which are for sale here with fast UK and Worldwide delivery, we have become renowned for our Honda CR-X designs which are available in the original colour codes of the car.

we have recently been importing a lot of different specialist Honda Spike, S-MX parts and Honda STEPWGN parts.

Some parts we have recently sourced and delivered include:

Kieran’s epic OEM RH1 Honda S-MX seat covers as well as his ultra rare team kunimitsu mats!

Honda S-MX parts

We have also sourced and imported a set of brand new lowering springs for Louis who is a fellow Honda S-MX owner.

We are always sourcing rare parts for customers, we have also imported a very nice JDM Honda S-MX “Moon Eyes” dash mat along with rare OEM red S-MX facelift mats, for our own promotional vehicle. All our customers have said they have been very pleased with the service they received from 4bangR and would use us again.

Another S-MX now sitting nicely on our supplied tanabe gtk-III adjustable coilovers 😃 much better than the un-safe cut springs it was previously sat on!

Ultra Rare Garson parts we imported for a show car, even had padded leather mats!!!

NEW FOR 2018 – Sea Freight Shipping Service

We are now able to ship larger items which we weren’t able to previously with our new Sea freight service:

Below are some example prices for shipping costs

£180 – Bumpers, Body Panels, Set of Alloy Wheels
£250 – Engine or Gearbox
£300 – Combined Engine and Box. Full body kits.
Please bear in mind that shipping via sea freight is only done when our container in Japan is full, usually this can be around 6 weeks before dispatching

JDM Honda and other JDM parts

If you are interested in importing any parts, whether they are for a Honda Spike, S-MX or other models. Feel free to contact me on 07522109441 or email mike@lincswebdev.co.uk for enquiries.